The Place

Situated at the tip of Rodeo Countryside Estate in Alfonso Cavite, a purposeful community built around nature and architecture takes shape. The foundation of the concept is to bring people together to share an idea, an experience, and an appreciation for a free-spirited way of life. With thoughtful attention to nature and sustainability, the development works around, grows, and adapts within the inspiring environment.

One can experience daybreak surrounded by the flourishing landscape and the final glimpse of dusk that naturally inspires time-based narratives, as the passage of time conveys an array of visual cues through light, shadow, color and mood.

An OPEN discovery rooted on a progressive way of living.

An open space for you to be cozy with nature.

An open, non-partitioned dwelling space, A lounge overlooking the ground floor. Skylights. Windows. Air slits. Glass views.

The main dwelling is a space that lets you take a breather with nature at any spot: to see and feel the morning breeze, the afternoon sun, and the chill of the evening, even indoors

An open space for you to bask in the outdoors.

A patch of pineapples. A sloping, green lawn. The blue skies reflected on a wide pool.

The outdoors is an inviting, open space decked with minimalist fixtures for you to experience the day as it unfolds: from a fresh breakfast alfresco, to a quick noontime dip in the bubbly pool, and the warm bonfire to cap off a chilly night.

An open space with nature that transforms.

The sky that shifts from bright blues to purple hues.

The wind that shifts the clouds and leaves. The fog that touches blades of grass. The views that move you.

They say time shifts slowly when you breathe more deeply. The beauty of it all as you watch nature transform – is that it also transforms you.

Open up to a different kind of living, even for just a day or two, or more.

Meals that match the view.

Morning coffee steam that lifts with the fog of the mountains with breakfast. Lunch and sparkling drinks served alfresco with the refreshing outdoor breeze. Dinner with fine wine enjoyed under a lovely canopy of stars.

All meals are designed by our in-house chef, who carefully curates the herbs, the fruits, grains, beans, vegetables, and local produce that go into specially crafted recipes for a dining experience to remember, whatever time of day.

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Our journey started with an idea: to create highly desirable and effective living spaces that beautifully harmonize both nature, and the dweller.

So began our commitment to build and craft: with a team composed of architects and designers devoted to thoughtful and sustainable construction practices – who meticulously plan every property: from the innovative materials sourced to the proficient construction technology used.

The work we conceive and develop is always rooted in an appreciation for the space, the surrounding scenery, the community, and the dwelling experience.

Welcome to OPEN Destinations.

Open Cavite

Rodeo Countryside Estates, Alfonso, Cavite, Brgy Esperanza Ilaya Philippines 4123